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Signage, Simplified.

Integrated Hardware and Software

Quick and easy setup process means you can display your content easily and seamlessly.
Our dedicated customer service team offers unlimited support at every step of the way.

* Product featured: Nixplay Signage 32 Inch

Quick and Easy Control of your Content

Up to 43 different layout options available, plus social media, weather and news feed apps.
The included Hu-Motion Sensor prolongs screen life by turning off the display
when no movement is detected.

Endless Usage Options

Whatever your business, Nixplay Signage can improve your communication
and increase engagement by displaying content that holds your customers’ attention.

* Product featured: Nixplay Signage 32 Inch & Nixplay Small Format Signage 8 Inch

Superb, Free Support from Our Dedicated Team

Training and help is included with your Nixplay Signage products.
Our team is with you at every step of the way, ready to help via phone, webcall, chat and email

All you need to know about Nixplay Signage

About Nixplay Signage 32 inch

  • Panel resolution, wide viewing angle
  • Displays content in image and video format
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Wall mountable
  • External motion sensor
  • USB drive/ SD/ SDHC card ports


Size and Weight
750 mm / 29.53 in (Width) X 450 mm / 17.72 in (Height) X 25/41 mm / 0.98/1.61 in (Depth) 7.77kg (17.13lbs) 10.80kg (23.81lbs)
1920 x 1080 pixels IPS 699 mm x 394 mm
16GB 2GB 802.11ac – 2.4GHz / 5 GHz Yes
12V 5A Yes (1000 BASE-T-1Gbit)

In the Box

Nixplay Signage 32 inch

Power Supply and Adaptors

Quick Start Guide

Infra-red Remote

Built-in, Complete Signage Software


  • Unlimited playlists
  • Full campaign management
  • Group your displays
  • 100GB Storage
  • Multiple simultaneous layouts
  • Add dynamic apps
  • Multi-user access