Case Study: PlayStation Asia Announces New Games Using Nixplay Signage

Case Study: PlayStation Asia Announces New Games Using Nixplay Signage

PlayStation Asia Announces New Games Using Nixplay Signage

Case Study: PlayStation Asia Announces New Games Using Nixplay Signage

“With Nixplay Signage, we’ve been able to quickly plan and update our promotional content to multiple countries and markets from our Hong Kong office. The cloud CMS also helped us easily and quickly schedule our campaigns to confirm they are updated as planned. The ‘out-of-the box’ solutions allow us to stay ahead of the competition.”
-Jacqueline Chiu, General Manager, Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong

The Customer

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), founded in 1993, is responsible for the PlayStation brand and family of products. The PlayStation family of products and services includes PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Vue. They are the first company to introduce 3D polygon gaming to consumers outside of arcades.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong (PlayStation Asia) is focused on Hong Kong and Southeast Asian markets, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

The Challenge

PlayStation Asia regularly produces videogame trailers and promotional content for their retail outlets, dealer stores, and events in Hong Kong and its Southeast Asian markets for their weekly and monthly marketing campaigns. After producing their trailers or other promotional content, they are loaded into multiple USB drives, along with printed posters, for their events and retail outlets in the region.

However, the USB drives were often corrupted when shipped overseas, and additional stakeholder approvals were required to display the updated content, which meant customers were sometimes unable to receive relevant promotions on time.

Additionally, PlayStation often was unable to confirm if the local dealer stores were displaying the latest promotional content as intended, they are unable to update posters when information changes, and sometimes additional work was needed to make the videos run smoothly in the local store or event displays.

The Solution

PlayStation Asia installed several Signage Players, 15.6”, and 21.5” displays from Nixplay Signage after seeing how easy it can be to produce and update content on multiple Nixplay Signage displays and players. The “out-of-the-box” integrated hardware and software by Nixplay Signage instantly provided them with an end-to-end solution that enabled them to create unique digital signage campaigns in a variety of formats, publish promotional content tailored to local markets, and be fully aware of their campaign status. 

Our Nixplay Signage solution provided PlayStation Asia, especially their regional and local marketing teams, with cost savings from printed posters, USB drives, delivery feeds, and manual labor; the ability to schedule and automate promotional campaigns around the start and end dates; and easily update content based on topical events or updates.

“Through the platform of Nixplay Signage,” said Jacqueline Chiu. “Even sitting in the Hong Kong office, we can remotely manage all promotional content throughout Southeast Asia—it’s so convenient.”

Case Study: PlayStation Asia Announces New Games Using Nixplay Signage

These benefits made Nixplay Signage a perfect fit for PlayStation Asia, with the display and players installed in strategic locations around Hong Kong and Southeast Asian retailers to show the latest games, promotions, and events in a variety of layouts tailored to local languages and local market needs.

The Results

Case Study: PlayStation Asia Announces New Games Using Nixplay Signage

PlayStation Asia was able to improve both their customer experience and overall effectiveness by using Nixplay Signage.

Customers visiting their local PlayStation retail outlet or PlayStation-sponsored events are able to receive the latest videogame trailers, promotional content, and local offers in a timely manner. This made it easier for customers to get the latest information and take advantage of the latest PlayStation promotions to make last-minute purchases in stores or PlayStation-sponsored events. This likewise freed up retail and event staff from answering repeated questions about release dates, gaming features, and exclusive offers, which helped set better expectations for customers.

PlayStation Asia’s marketing team was able to take advantage of the various campaign layouts to experiment with new digital signage campaigns. Using a mix of images, videos, and signage apps, they were able to show off a variety of games, local promotions, and other topical content to display in landscape or portrait orientation based on their local retailer outlets and local customer needs. This kind of creativity would not have been available when the marketing team was dependent on formatting promotional trailers or videos into USB drives.

Most of all, the integrated signage solution enabled the PlayStation marketing team to quickly update and distribute the latest promotional content across multiple Southeast Asian markets from a single source. They no longer need to constantly follow-up with local country teams and dealer stores to update their promotional content or require additional manual work to maintain those updates. PlayStation Asia was also able to regularly schedule their trailers and promotions based on their weekly and monthly campaign schedules.

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