How A Fast Food Restaurant Uses Digital Signage

How A Fast Food Restaurant Uses Digital Signage

Digital signage can be a great way for fast food restaurants to communicate with their staff and their customers quickly and efficiently – it’s called “fast food,” after all.

Whether it’s displaying upcoming orders or highlighting new additions to the menu, digital signage and digital menu boards are a brilliant way for fast food restaurants to streamline their efficiency and communicate essential information to those who need it.

"The reason that we started looking for a digital signage solution was severalfold," says Edward Sielsky, the owner of North Carolina fast food restaurant Matt's Chicago Dog. "I found Nixplay Signage was really the best solution."

So, how exactly does Matt’s Chicago Dog use Nixplay Signage to improve its operations? Let’s take a look at the two biggest ways they use digital signage to their advantage.

To Advertise Specials

Fast food restaurants primarily use digital menu boards to advertise their food, utilizing attractive colors and designs to make their offerings seem as delicious as possible. They often use digital signage solutions to advertise their specials, which are more likely to change when compared to their traditional menus.

Although Matt's Chicago Dog still uses traditional menu boards for its staple menu, it embraced digital signage when it comes time to advertising its daily specials, all of which are subject to change.

To Conveniently Change Menus Over

Nixplay Signage makes it easy for Matt's Chicago Dog to switch from the regular daytime menu to the evening menu. Every day at 4 p.m., the Nixplay Signage displays are programmed to automatically display the evening menu, meaning that the staff has one less thing to worry about. This eliminates problems with lag and run-over when it's time to switch to evening specials.

Watch this video to learn how Matt's Chicago Dog uses Nixplay Signage:


There are several other ways fast food restaurants all over the country could benefit from Nixplay Signage. From making customers hungry with tantalizing videos and images to efficiently organizing an “order and collect” fast food service, digital signage could be just the thing your fast food restaurant needs to gain an edge over its competition.

Try Nixplay Signage now to start seeing the difference. Get in touch today for a free trial.

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