How Mellow Mushroom Enhanced Their Customers’ Experience

Case Study: How Mellow Mushroom Enhanced Their Customers’ Experience

How Mellow Mushroom Enhanced Their Customers’ Experience

How Mellow Mushroom Enhanced Their Customers’ Experience


"My favorite story is when I was putting the Nixplay sign in the bar, and I just uploaded a picture of the 'Kentucky Sunrise' drink that we offer. The customer sitting directly to my left saw it and immediately ordered one, and he had two more after that. So, within 5 minutes, I had evidence that the Nixplay sign was working wonders."
-Norman Moser, Owner, Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers, Lima, Ohio

The Customer

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers was founded in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. For over 40 years, the franchise has been serving its signature stone-baked pizzas at around 150 eclectic, family-friendly locations throughout the United States.
The Lima, Ohio branch, owned by Norman Moser, is famous for its unique '70s-themed interiors.

The Challenge

The Mellow Mushroom franchise in Lima wanted to improve customer engagement by displaying interesting visual aids and providing useful, accurate information using menu boards that can be easily updated as needed. They were looking for an innovative yet convenient solution that will provide customers with a more unique dining experience.

The restaurant also wanted to elevate staff morale as it heavily depends on the staff always being available to answer questions about the menu, restaurant policies, and other related queries. The branch’s employees have always provided excellent service without getting any proper recognition. In addition, the staff often found themselves in awkward situations when customers tried to get their attention without knowing their names or roles.

The Solution

Mellow Mushroom installed several 32” displays from Nixplay Signage after seeing how easy it can be to produce and update content on multiple Nixplay Signage displays. Another factor was the“out-of-the-box” simplicity offered by Nixplay Signage as a result of the integration of both hardware and software into one package.

“We focused on Nixplay [Signage] because of how easy it is to set their equipment up,” said Moser. “What I do is I create my files and I upload it to my cloud—you could control up to a thousand different Nixplay signs with one Nixplay [Signage] account from anywhere in the world, and I find that very advantageous.”

How Mellow Mushroom Enhanced Their Customers’ Experience

These benefits made Nixplay Signage a perfect fit for Mellow Mushroom, with the displays placed in strategic locations around the restaurant to show menus, staff information, events, partner advertisements, and restaurant policies.

The Results

Mellow Mushroom was able to improve both their customer experience and staff effectiveness by using Nixplay Signage.

Mellow Mushroom customers were able to recognize their employees by name, which not only made it convenient for patrons but also gave the staff the much-deserved recognition that made them feel more valued and respected. This change also made the employees more engaged and more attentive when attending to the customers’ needs.

The Nixplay Signage displays also provided useful information, such as instructions for table reservations and similar policies that can help customers plan their visit and manage their expectations. This saved time for the staff when planning for large groups and reduced customer service issues.

Mellow Mushroom also used Nixplay Signage displays as digital menus, easily be updating them based on the time of day and the availability of the items. This made it much easier for the restaurant to set customer expectations on available menu items and to promote certain dishes or drinks if they noticed a change in demand during peak hours. This likewise freed up the restaurant staff from answering repeated questions about certain foods, menu prices, or item availability, which helped both customers and staff plan better.

On top of exceeding customer expectations, having digital signage gave Mellow Mushroom opportunities to promote their events and create additional advertising space. Customers no longer needed to ask restaurant staff too many details about upcoming events or promos since this information can be easily seen on the Nixplay Signage displays. Digital signage also gave other companies the opportunity to advertise their products and services to Mellow Mushroom’s patrons.


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