The Right Message at the Right Time: Using Digital Signage to Disseminate Urgent Information

The Right Message at the Right Time: Using Digital Signage to Disseminate Urgent Information

Digital signage’s capacity to hold a viewer’s attention is unparalleled. With the rising need for contactless engagement, it is proving to be a powerful method of delivering content to a captive audience.

It is especially useful for transmitting time-sensitive messages to a large number of people, which is a necessity in every industry. 

Using Digital Signage to Disseminate Urgent Information

In the F&B Industry

When used as menu boards, digital signage content can be easily and quickly adjusted to reflect new dishes, sold-out items, and price adjustments. Images and even videos can be placed alongside copy to create eye-catching displays that attract more customers.

Digital Signage can also be used to display greetings for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. This is a simple gesture that can go a long way in making customers feel special, encouraging them to return and giving them a delightful experience that they can tell their loved ones about.

In Manufacturing

Maintaining a safe and secure environment is a top priority in any manufacturing facility. Safety and health warnings and reminders can be coursed through digital signage, reducing the risk of injury and illness. Digital signage can also be used to show up-to-date safety statistics, allowing for greater transparency and employee awareness.

In Retail

Retailers can use digital signage to their advantage, especially in the time of the new normal. Digital signage positioned outside a store can show expected waiting times and queue updates, giving customers the chance to use their time more efficiently and return to the shop later when the line is shorter.

Digital signage can also be used to drive purchases, especially during sale season. Retailers can hold flash sales that only last for a few hours, and this can be easily advertised via digital signage. By using more urgent messaging as the sale draws to a close, it can increase customer curiosity and drive up store traffic.


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