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I bought one sign for my restaurant. It did so well at increasing sales that I bought a second sign. They are extremely easy to use and the display is outstanding. Customer support is the best as well. Very versatile sign. Our parent corporation is now looking into them (Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers). You will not go wrong with a Nixplay Signage sign. Very much worth the price.

Norman Moser

Mellow Mushroom

I bought one of each size of the Digital Signage for use in various locations of my showroom. The impact has been amazing, as the customer immediately engages in a particular product line, and wants more information. These signs are paying for themselves, as there are no more missed sales opportunities due to limited floor space! You can't sell a product if the customer doesn't know about it.

Randall Ebbs

Courtyard Elegance


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Beach Babies Standford University Studio Six5 WCS Sunrise Courtyard Elegance Mellow Mushroom Cinema City Electrosonic Betco Vicostone

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The Christmas 15% discount is only valid from Dec 8th, 2017 to Dec 25th, 2017, exclusive to the first unit of Nixplay Signage regardless of frame sizes to be purchased by the new business customers, defined as companies and corporations who have not purchased Nixplay Signage before Dec 8th, 2017.

Business customers entitled to the Christmas 15% discount must complete the purchase process with invoices paid before Dec 31th, 2017, otherwise, the discount will be expired.

Any units bought after the first unit by the same company or corporation, will not be entitled to the Christmas 15% discount.

The Christmas discount only applies to the new customers who have filled in the contact form and verified their new customer identities with our sales and customer service team, whereas the Christmas discount is not applicable to direct online purchases at our online shop.