4 Smart Ways To Use Digital Signage In Schools

4 Smart Ways To Use Digital Signage In Schools

The start of a new school year brings a flurry of activity to any campus. It's not always easy to get crucial messages and announcements to all the students, faculty, and staff, especially on sprawling school grounds.

This is where digital signage can help. An efficient digital signage system like Nixplay Signage can prove to be an effective tool for communicating across the campus. Our high-definition displays are very easy to use and set up, and they come in several sizes to suit your campus' unique needs. Here are four ways to use Nixplay Signage in your school.

1. Announce Activities and Events

Printed posters, whether handmade or computerized, have been an effective method of spreading information across campus since time immemorial. However, there's no definite way to know if the students will even take the time to read them. They can also result in a lot of waste.

Nixplay Signage is an engaging, environment-friendly alternative that can get your message across in a more efficient way. Our innovative signage system gives you full control over what you want to be displayed at exactly a certain time, so your students and staff will always be in the loop about the events on campus.

2. Engage Athletes and Fans during Sports Events

Sports events, whether intramural or against other schools are always a big hit, with students, staff, and alumni hyped up and eager to see their team win. And what better way to stoke the school's competitive side than through digital signage?

You can install Nixplay Signage displays in dining areas, common rooms, and sports venues to stream ongoing games or highlights and updates. Digital signage can also be used to recognize your schools' athletes and celebrate their achievements.

3. Replace Bulletin Boards in Classrooms

Bulletin boards help students and teachers exercise their creativity and get excited about the upcoming school year. But with technology slowly taking over several aspects of our lives, installing a Nixplay Signage display might be a better, forward-thinking direction.

Installing digital signage displays in classrooms of older students can help kids sharpen their computer knowledge—very crucial skills given the speed at which technology progresses. You can show images, posters, videos, and even websites using Nixplay Signage so your students' creativity will know no limits.

4. Help with Navigation and Spread Safety Information

School grounds can be overwhelming, especially sprawling campuses with several buildings, roads, and passages. Installing Nixplay Signage in building lobbies can aid navigation, helping students and staff get to their destinations in an efficient, timely manner.

Nixplay Signage can also help disseminate important announcements and crucial information. From weather alerts to safety protocols, there's no limit to the ways you can use digital signage to keep everyone on campus safe and secure.

Get in touch today for a free demo, for details of our offerings or for any questions or inquiries. International inquiries can contact us here. Try Nixplay Signage now to start seeing the difference.

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