4 Technology Trends That Can Give Your Business A Boost

4 Technology Trends That Can Give Your Business A Boost

Technology magazine CIOReview has long been considered an essential resource for executives seeking to be at the forefront of today’s continuously evolving business landscape. The publication just released its Audiovisual special, giving the business-to-business enterprise community a sneak peek of the innovations that can help them succeed. Here are the issue’s highlights:

Smaller Signage Can Be Better.

“It is intrusive and a horrible experience for a consumer who, let’s say, is visiting a hotel to look at a massive 65-inch display to gather the information that they want,” says Nixplay Signage CEO Mark Palfreeman, who is on the cover of CIOReview’s Audiovisual special. To solve this, Nixplay Signage will soon introduce smaller sizes for their digital displays, as well as a variety of finishes for seamless integration.

Palfreeman also announced that Alexa integration will soon be launched on Nixplay Signage solutions. “The voice assistance feature is not a thing of the future anymore, and everyone has to re-learn and re-equip their companies around comprehending this paradigm,” he says.

4 Technology Trends That Can Give Your Business A Boost
Nixplay Signage CEO Mark Palfreeman on the cover of CIOReview's Audiovisual Special.

Social Media is the New Mass Media.

Social media is a niche segment no more. Over a third of the global population is on a social networking website, and any marketer worth his salt should know how to use social media optimization (SMO) tactics. These include using artificial intelligence to create content that is tailored to specific segments of your audience and collaborating with influencers to gain exposure.

Socialbakers CEO Yuval Ben-Itzhak said it best in his article An Era Of Social Media Optimization (SMO) Is Ahead: What Can We Expect In 2018?: “Marketers who stick to traditional, manual social media marketing methods, will see returns diminish and their competitive advantage fade.”

For Radio, Listener Engagement is Key.

Your radio listening experience has come a long way from those days of fiddling with your boom box’s dial, and it will only continue to evolve. To retain their listeners, radio broadcasters have to keep up with the rapid pace of technology by becoming available on as many platforms as possible. Broadcasters can also increase audience engagement by adding album images, song lyrics, options to download songs and review stations, and even revenue-generating content like banner ads and interactive buttons.

This is good for both broadcasters and listeners. “For listeners using online or hybrid paths, radio-station management can gain valuable data about listening preferences and habits,” says Michael Beach, National Public Radio’s Vice President for Distribution, in his article Radio Listener Experience In A Growing Audio Marketplace. “Information like this can help practitioners learn more about their audience and make better decisions about how to best serve them. Increasing engagement allows stations to better serve their local community, and ultimately has a positive impact on the bottom line.”

Artificial Intelligence Will Be a Part of Our Lives.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a far-off concept. AI tools like chatbots and voice recognition technology are already being used by several companies to better serve their customers and to streamline business processes, and the advancements in this field will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

“As with any new technology, flexibility to change and access to training is of the utmost importance,” writes Scott Hoffpauir, Chief Technology Officer of BroadSoft, in his article Complementing Unified Communication with AI. Do it right, and reap the rewards: “Organizations that have planned for, or have implemented, AI technologies are expecting both 39 percent revenue increase and 37 percent cost reduction in the future.”

Click here to read CIOReview’s audiovisual special, with Nixplay Signage CEO Mark Palfreeman on the cover.

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