5 Facets Of Memorable Digital Signage Experiences

5 Facets Of Memorable Digital Signage Experiences

Communicating with customers used to require face-to-face interaction or old-fashioned signs with plastic letters that required you to manually change the message every time you needed to communicate new information. With the uprising of technology has come the new way to communicate information.

Interactive digital signage provides companies with a variety of options that range from alerting customers to sales, keeping them engaged with interactive videos and even keeping staff members informed of company happenings. They create a truly memorable digital experience.

5 Facets Of Memorable Digital Signage Experiences

Variety Of Content Types

Creating memorable digital signage requires more than a few words flashing across the display. You need to draw your visitors’ attention to the display and keep them interested, which is where different types of content come in. Consider the type of business you run, your mission statement and the personality you want to convey. Do you own a private practice?

Use digital signage to include informative pictures or videos that tell your patients about the latest advances in medical technology or what they can expect from the flu this season. Perhaps you run an indoor playground. In addition to using text to provide information, add pictures that show former customers having a great time.

Social Media Integration

According to the Pew Research Center, 79 percent of Americans use Facebook and 32 percent use Instagram. And who could forget Twitter and Pinterest? Social media is an integral part of many lives and a successful business will use that to its advantage. Chances are you already have social media accounts for your company, but did you know you can integrate them with your interactive digital signage?

Use the feature to display some of your most popular social media posts, share your account names so people can follow you, or to focus on specific hashtags. You can design and curate your entire social media look for your signage and moderate it in real time to prevent mishaps. Don't forget to use it to seek out positive articles, blogs or reviews of your company and display them.

5 Facets Of Memorable Digital Signage Experiences

Interaction With Customers’ Mobile Devices

WiFi makes it possible for your customers to use their own smartphones, tablets or laptops to interact with your digital signage. The options are practically endless. Keep customers interested in your business by offering exclusive discounts for those who interact with the sign by logging onto a website and completing a task such as signing up for your email newsletter. Does your business require customers to wait? Interactive trivia is a great way to help customers pass the time and keep them from becoming bored while they wait their turn.

Scheduling And Personalization

Perhaps the biggest benefit of interactive signage is the variety of ways you can customize it to meet your needs. The software stores your content in the cloud--many providers even give you free cloud storage--which allows you to instantly pull up what you need or to store content to use again later.

Your cloud storage won't be a jumbled mess, either. You can use your signage to create image and video playlists in mixed media formats. Use the drag and drop interface for seamless integration without coding knowledge. Once you create your playlist, you can schedule it to go live exactly when you want it to and even control how long it plays.

Does your business have multiple locations? Even across multiple time zones, you'll be able to control every digital sign with nearly no effort. Don't worry if you use display screens of different sizes. Your content will automatically load at the optimal size and resolution for each display. You'll even be able to monitor which of your screens are on and which are off and adjust your plan accordingly.

Proven Successes

Still not convinced you can create memorable digital signage? Lost for ideas? Just check out the ways other businesses have made digital signage work for them.

East Coast Jewelry decided to go big instead of going home for Mother's Day in 2010. The Boca Raton-based company opened a microsite that allowed the public to post messages during that week. It then used the messages as part of its digital billboard display next to I-95.

Across the country in Los Angeles, Destination Shuttle Service takes advantage of geo-location technology to provide information about the airport and local hotels as well as to advertise nearby businesses. The company uses the system in 13 hotels and 32 buses.

Camelback Toyota in Phoenix uses digital signage to display buying options, dealer-specific information, classic car information and general entertainment for its customers.

Finally, St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, CA, uses signage to maintain patient information and provide it in visible locations throughout the hospital, which makes it easier for staff members to track each patient as they go about their days.

All it takes to get the right signage for your business is a bit of creativity. Consider the message you want to convey, choose your options, design your sign, and upload your content. It practically sets itself up right out of the box.

5 Facets Of Memorable Digital Signage Experiences

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