5 Places Where You Should Install Digital Signage

5 Places Where You Should Install Digital Signage

For many people who want to install digital signage, a lot of thought usually goes into the content to be shown on the display. But even if your material was created by an award-winning agency, it would still go to waste if you fail to get the eyeballs you need.

This is why choosing the right location for a digital signage solution like Nixplay Signage is crucial. It can spell the difference between a campaign’s success or failure. Read on for five places you should consider if you want to install digital signage.

1. In Elevators

Elevators are ideal locations if you want to install digital signage. They’re enclosed spaces that get lots of foot traffic. Easily capture elevator passengers’ attention with digital signage showing news clips about your company or your special offers.

2. Near Payment Counters

Upsell to customers in line at the checkout counter! Install a Nixplay Signage display near your store’s cashier and display your promotions—anything from buy-one-get-one deals to bundles. You can even use digital signage to boost your social media following. Prompt buyers to engage with your social media accounts in order to receive a discount!

3. In Fitting Rooms

Customers are more likely to purchase a piece of clothing once they have tried it on. Install digital signage inside your store’s fitting rooms to further increase the odds of closing a sale. Display ongoing promotions and encourage potential customers to make that purchase.

4. In Employee Break Rooms

Internal communication is crucial to a growing company. Announce important news and events easily by installing a Nixplay Signage display in your office’s pantry or break room. Alternate it with interesting videos or employee updates for instant water cooler conversation fodder.

5. The Office Lobby

This is the perfect place to highlight what your company can do. Use digital signage to play a video summing up your company’s achievements, important news, and announcements that are relevant to investors and employees.

Nixplay Signage offers unique B2B solutions.  Get in touch today for a free demo, for details of our offerings or for any questions or inquiries. Try Nixplay Signage now to start seeing the difference.  We are also available for international inquiries.

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