7 Must-Have Digital Signage Software Features

7 Must-Have Digital Signage Software Features

Investing in digital signage is highly beneficial for any organization, whether it is in the retail, healthcare, or education industry. Before buying a particular display, you want to ensure it has all the digital signage software features you need to make using it as simple as possible.

With that in mind, there are various digital signage software and functionality features to make sure yours comes with to make sure you get the most out of the package.

1. Easy to Use Software

Above all else, digital displays should be easy to set up and use. One great thing about this feature is that it makes it so that multiple stakeholders in your organization can effortlessly learn how to update the displays.

If only one person is capable of learning how to use it, then things may not get done for a while if that person is away for a few days. You want a proactive role in promoting employees’ communications. The displays should be should be accessible to easily train several stakeholders to create, edit and publish content you want your staff or customers to see.

2. Scheduling Content From Anywhere

It is beneficial if the people responsible for updating the display content can update it from anywhere. This is particularly beneficial if your organization has multiple locations, and you want the same content on all displays at all locations.

7 Must-Have Digital Signage Software Features

This feature promotes a sense of cohesion which quality organizations often lose when they expand to multiple offices in different cities or countries. Make sure your company’s display content can be uploaded to the Cloud, so people can easily update items from their desktop or mobile devices.

3. Multi-User Access

To make your company’s digital signage easier to update and use, it is best to assign several people to own it. Perhaps one person is responsible for posting relevant corporate information, such as profit margins and who is “Employee of the Month” while another is responsible for posting motivational quotes, memes, and funny videos.

It can be a lot to give one person all these tasks, so it is good to spread them out. However, you want to be certain multiple people can access the software at the same time from their respective locations.

Multi-user access also comes in handy when something on the display needs to be changed unexpectedly. For instance, if a restaurant uses these boards to display a menu, then an item may need to be taken off if it is no longer being served. If anyone can update the display, then it makes things a lot easier if more than one employee is able to log onto the display’s software.

4. Multi-Layout Display

7 Must-Have Digital Signage Software Features

5. Mix of Image and Video Content

To keep the displays interesting and to keep employees engaged with the content you are posting, it is good to have a variety of videos and images. Perhaps you mostly want to stick with images, but every so often, you want to break out of the routine and showcase a corporate video emphasizing the mission statement of the organization.

You should not feel limited by what kind of content you can post, so look for video integration when researching digital signage software features.

6. Application Integration

In addition to incorporating videos and images in your digital displays, you may also want to integrate specific apps into the display rotation. For example, it can be beneficial to integrate a weather app into the display so that employees periodically see what the weather forecast is like.

7 Must-Have Digital Signage Software Features

Other apps to bring into the mix include a time app that displays the time or various social platforms if you want employees to know what is going on with the company’s Facebook or Twitter accounts.

7. Continual Software Updates

Before purchasing digital displays, it is a good idea to look into whether the displays receive software updates routinely. You do not want the displays to look outdated a year after making your initial investment. Some updates may even help you with reporting functionality to let you know how well certain pieces of content are performing at certain times.

There are plenty of digital signage software and functionality features to look into before making such a big investment. Your company deserves to have the best. With all the latest and greatest features, your employees and customers are going to benefit more out of the displays.

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