Digital Signage Applications For Assisted Living Facilities

Digital Signage Applications For Assisted Living Facilities

Moving a family member to an assisted living community can be an intimidating and difficult process. It spells the conclusion of life in your family home as you know it to be, and the beginning of a new journey for your loved one. 

Fortunately, assisted living facilities have been adapting to cater to the modern needs of their clients, improving their roster of recreational activities and ramping up their efforts to clearly communicate with their residents. Several assisted living facilities have also started replacing their posters, bulletin boards, flyers, and other printed collaterals to digital signage in a bid to deliver crucial updates and information in a more timely manner. This has proven to be a good move, as digital signage can greatly improve a business’ communication efforts and grow its bottom line.

Here are some practical applications of digital signage in assisted living facilities.

Providing Clear Maps and Directories

Assisted living facilities can be confusing for staff, patients, and visitors to navigate. A strategically situated digital signage network can address this issue, providing much-needed directions to the right rooms and facilities.

Informing and Entertaining Visitors

Waiting rooms usually contain magazines and television screens to keep visitors entertained while waiting for their loved ones. While these still achieve their intended purpose, some assisted living communities have since supplemented these with digital signage displays that can be easily adjusted to better match visitors’ needs. Digital signage displays can also show other relevant content such as facility rules and regulations, featured patients and staff, and health reminders.

Displaying Announcements

Regular assisted living updates or announcements can be effectively communicated using a digital signage system. Administrative staff can easily update digital signage to display information on available medical personnel, events, appointments, and visiting hours. More importantly, digital signage can be used to quickly alert staff and patients about any emergency situations, ensuring the facility remains a safe place for everyone on its premises.

Engaging with Residents

It’s easy for residents of assisted living facilities to feel lonely: With their loved ones far away and only other residents and staff for company, they may feel isolated and forgotten. Digital signage can help alleviate this, providing a safe and versatile means to engage with residents. Digital signage displays can show birthday greetings, videos from patients’ family and friends, reminders from physicians, and other communication. These can go a long way into making residents feel special and remembered.


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