Digital Signage for Senior Care and Assisted Living Facilities

Digital Signage for Senior Care and Assisted Living Facilities

Digital signage is a brilliant tool which can be used to great effect in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, making it easier for residents to access certain information about events, services, and timeframes. Digital signage could be used to educate residents about current visiting times when planned events are going to take place, or simply advise them on general best practices that will help them stay fit and healthy.

Senior Residents and Digital Devices

A panel at the InterFace Seniors Housing Southeast conference in Atlanta recently discussed how technology such as digital signage could impact nursing homes and assisted living facilities, with seniors becoming more and more used to digital devices in recent years. "Technology is changing the way that those in the senior living space do business, from Internet connectivity, keyless entry and digital signage to more efficient client relationship management (CRM) software," business-to-business news outlet Rebusiness Online wrote.

“From seven years ago to today, the average resident has gone from two devices to seven to nine devices,” said Kevin Merrill, business development director at wireless internet service provider Inviacom, during the conference.

“Ultimately at the end of the day we are trying to create fewer steps for our caregivers and create more hand-holding time,” added Jesse Marinko of Phoenix Senior Living.

Investing in Digital Signage

Although digital technology is still relatively rare in senior living communities and assisted living facilities, this appears to be changing along with the times. The use of digital signage to display real-time information in nursing homes is not only helping residents live their lives more easily; it helps staff carry out their duties more effectively as well.

Nixplay Signage could easily be installed in your senior or assisted living facility, keeping your staff informed about the residents and where they are staying. It can also keep your staff updated about important information such as their medical prescriptions and any allergies or conditions they may have which could affect their care.

Nixplay Signage is incredibly versatile, and that’s what makes it so great for these facilities and many types of businesses. Whatever content you need to convey, Nixplay Signage is an excellent means of doing so, allowing you to promote information in a sleek and state-of-the-art manner. 


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