Best Practices for Digital Signage in Education

Enhance Your Corporate Communications with Digital Signage

50% of communications professionals utilize digital displays as the dominant office communication source. This type of communication from strategically-placed displays eliminates the needless number of emails, flyers, and brochures. It also saves money on internal communication costs.

Now is the time to utilize the power of a digital display system in your business environment. With digital signage, it is easy to keep everyone in the company on the same page. With content that you customize yourself, you can build your corporation’s culture with digital signage that informs, educates, entertains, and advises.

Best Practices for Digital Signage in Education

Productivity Perks

Corporations seeking to maximize productivity in their workforce would do well to implement a digital signage strategy. Studies show that it can build employee productivity by as much as 25%.

With digital signage, internal communication is prioritized because it is displayed at entrances, break rooms, elevators, and hallways. Employees receive messages while on break or in-transit around the corporate campus, rather than on their overloaded email inboxes. This leaves them with more time in the office for tackling the work instead of keeping up with internal communications.

Your internal display system is a great way to recognize employee achievements in a way that will inspire others to do their best. This type of motivation is available to everyone that sees the digital signage. The crispness and clarity of the displays are an aesthetically pleasing addition to your message.

Fast Track Your Branding

Digital signage is the fast-track way to expand corporate branding to the common areas of your corporate headquarters. Using digital display technology and your creativity, you can build an impactful focal point for your corporate headquarters entrance with a multi-screen configuration.

Screens come in sizes from 15.6 inches to 32 inches and can be grouped in any combination, or used alone. Single displays around your corporate campus can continue the corporate logo theme while announcing the corporate news.

Information builds Culture

Use effective digital displays to announce special office events such as a holiday party or employee groups such as the diversity committee. Watch attendance at company functions improve when everyone receives the invitation in a timely manner. Easily adjustable messages on your display make it easy to publicize team building events or department contests. The formation of a company-wide identity can get a boost from digital signage messaging.

Best Practices for Digital Signage in Education

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