How To Measure Customer Feedback

How To Measure Customer Feedback

The best way to determine if your business plan is effective is to gauge how receptive your customers are towards your product. The good news is that you can measure customer feedback in a variety of ways. Here are some of them.

1. Customer Surveys

There are many kinds of customer surveys you can use for your products. A brief survey works well on mobile apps. An email survey is an effective way to get your customers' feedback immediately after providing them with your product or service, though it may result in lower response rates. You can provide your clients with a special promo code or a raffle prize as an incentive to get more answers.

2. Feedback Kiosks

For brick and mortar outlets, you can set up a feedback kiosk where customers can put in their comments and suggestions for improvement. Bubbly has reinvented the feedback kiosk, giving customers an interactive experience with engaging displays. Bubbly enlisted the help of Nixplay Signage to help attract customers' attention.

"Bubbly was conceived after knowing that over 60 percent of people who walk into a retail store leave without engaging at all. Now, we're giving retailers a unique way to engage with their customers. With Nixplay Signage as a partner, we're able to use their screens to sort of draw the consumers and help convert them in-store," says Carlos Rodriguez, the Chief Marketing Officer of Bubbly.

"If they have e-mails or phone numbers, we can reach out to them with special rewards, special incentives, or physical rewards that are inside the kiosk, and have a great experience that's inside the retail environment."

Watch this video to learn how Bubbly and Nixplay are revolutionizing in-store feedback kiosks:

3. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

This is an incredibly easy and very effective way to measure your customers' reception to your services. It can just be a short pop-up once a transaction has been finished. The scale usually ranges from either 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. It is, however, better to keep your survey as brief as possible so your customers don't have to think too much about their answers.

4. Product Reviews

If you're promoting your products online, you have to provide a way for your customers to review your products. Positive reviews speak for themselves, converting customers better than any copywritten sales pitch can. Even negative reviews can be helpful--handle them graciously, and you can win your clients' heats. You can also use them to your advantage, making them a stepping stone for improvement.

5. Social Media Hype

How many conversions have you had via social media? How many fans and followers do you have and are they talking about your products? The more talk your company is generating on social media, the better--especially if the buzz is all organic.

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