How to Use Digital Signage in Retail

How to Use Digital Signage in Retail

Wondering how digital signage can improve customer experience? Look no further - in this post we will look at how digital signage can be used to attract and increase interaction with your brand. 

Welcome Signs

How can you attract new customers and get more traffic to your store? Create a memorable display for your window, or a friendly welcome greeting when customers enter the store. 

How to Use Digital Signage in Retail

This sets the tone for your store and the first impression for visitors to experience your brand. Showcase some of your best pieces, use your brand assets and welcome customers into your world. Lure them in!

In-Store Promotions & Campaigns

Inspire customers to enjoy promotions and markdowns that you are running, particularly around special occasions or seasonal events. Present your campaigns using digital signage, with content that can be managed easily and quickly uploaded. This is particularly effective with exclusive flash sales that customers only learn about visiting the store.  

Eliminate long lead times and dependencies on external vendors and take control of your communications! With the Nixplay Signage web app, content and campaigns can be controlled ahead of time, or uploaded right when you need, perfect for digital signage in retail.

Loyalty Reward Programs

Reward and motivate repeat purchases by informing customers that your stores have a rewards program. Nielsen reported that 84% of consumers are more likely to choose retailers that offer such a program.  

How to Use Digital Signage in Retail

As customers become more and more familiar with you, they’ll keep coming back - the more they shop, the more they’ll spend. And the more they spend, the more they will receive in return. Use digital signage in retail to make sure to put these reward program benefits around the store.

QR Codes

Want to give people an easier way to find you online? Make sure to use digital signage to do this.  Whether it’s to take them to your website or your social media pages, a QR code you can link them directly to anywhere you need.

How to Use Digital Signage in Retail

Don’t lose an opportunity to connect with your customers, and don't lose them to a typo on a long URL or a complicated store name! This can be extremely effective if your company is a brick and click.

"We're Hiring" Signs

Looking to expand your team and looking for talent? What better way to let people know than to advertise in your own store. With Nixplay Signage web app, you can push content to your Display immediately, allowing you to react quickly and speak to your audience.

Brand Ambassador Information

Digital signage for retail is the perfect way to show off your brand marketing. From displaying seasonal or promotional videos to animations or beautiful images, signage helps bring your products to life and give consumers an emotional connection to your brand. Broadcasting behind-the-scenes content can also really give your customers insight into your brand and the craftsmanship behind the products to deliver a unified brand experience.

How to Use Digital Signage in Retail


The glossy dark glass finish of the Nixplay Signage displays is a perfect medium for showing off your products. Feature top sellers, sales during seasonal campaigns or spotlight certain products. Drive cross-category sales or add-ons at checkout. For click and collect stores, this may be effective in effectively guiding online customers for in-store pickups and possibly shop some more.

Nixplay Signage offers unique B2B solutions.  Get in touch today for a free demo, for details of our offerings or for any questions or inquiries. Try Nixplay Signage now to start seeing the difference. For international inquiries, contact us here.

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