Using Digital Signage To Implement Social Distancing

Using Digital Signage To Implement Social Distancing

An unprecedented health crisis has caused us to live in a time of great uncertainty, where staying at home and avoiding contact with other people has become the norm. While authorities and organizations have encouraged the practice of social distancing, it is, at times, easier said than done. Thankfully, digital signage displays, such as Nixplay Signage, can help disseminate information crucial to public health and safety in these ways:

Showing public health, hygiene, and safety reminders

Observing basic hygienic measures, such as frequent handwashing and covering the nose and mouth when coughing, has never been more important. Digital signage displays can help reinforce these habits, alongside reminders to practice social distancing, limiting non-essential trips, and wearing face masks when heading out. It can also be used to disseminate information about proper sanitation procedures to help ensure that your customers stay safe long after they leave your store.

Maintaining crowd control

A large number of people in a supermarket or retail outlet can pose a health hazard, especially for the immunocompromised. Maintaining social distancing by limiting entry to a store is recommended, as well as designating separate a separate entrance and exit to better monitor foot traffic. Digital signage can be utilized to let customers know about outside about queue times, store hours, and other information that can encourage a smoother shopping experience.

Announcing Community Rules And Regulations

It is crucial for people to have access to accurate information about their communities, such as open stores, curfew hours, relief aid delivery schedules, and quarantine protocols. Digital signage displays installed at strategic locations in the community can help spread pertinent advisories regarding homeowners’ welfare. 

Better Employee Communication

Essential workers should be protected just as much as customers and patients. By using digital signage, a company can easily give them access to information about schedule changes, health concerns, and new company initiatives. Digital signage can also be used to boost morale by recognizing employees who do especially commendable work.

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