New Ways To Communicate In The New Normal

New Ways To Communicate In The New Normal

We’re all finding new ways to work. Nixplay Signage can help.

Engaging, easy-to-manage communication has never been more important than in today’s challenging business environment. Nixplay Signage provides solutions that can help you communicate your messages quickly and effectively.

Nixplay Signage offers out-of-the-box, WiFi digital signage solutions that are scalable, affordable, and quick to install. Our displays are powered by our Nixplay Signage Software, allowing you to manage your content remotely and touch-free.

How Can Nixplay Signage Help Your Business?      

  • Keep employees, visitors and customers safe and informed
  • Meet employer responsibilities with digital signage that adapts to new messages as required
  • Touch-free digital signage lets you change and adapt your messaging safely
  • Quick to install, easy to use, and simple to update. 
  • Create, schedule, and publish campaigns on any Nixplay Signage display from anywhere, at any time.
  • Hardware and software-in-one mean support for all of your systems from one point of contact.

Nixplay Signage Use Cases

Office Buildings

  • Display safety messages
  • Highlight cleaning arrangements to ensure staff safety
  • Explain new systems and procedures
  • Guide visitors through the building safely

New Working requirements

  • Explain new sanitization and safety measures
  • Ensure compliance with important health updates
  • Safeguard guests, patrons, and employees by sharing important information

Staff Communication

  • Staff communication has never been more important
  • Explain new processes and safety precautions
  • Maintain team spirit through sharing company information
  • Ensure you meet State and CDC messaging regulations

Advertising Display

  • Let your customers know when you’re open
  • Promote new products and services
  • Keep your customers informed as your products and services evolve
  • Explain new ways of doing business; curbside collection, online ordering, etc

Digital Menu Board

  • Make the move from paper to digital menus
  • Instantly update menu items based on sell-through
  • Change menus seamlessly through the day 
  • Keep customers informed of upcoming changes

Emergency messaging

  • Combine news feeds into your campaigns for the latest updates
  • Change your campaigns quickly and easily to meet specific challenges
  • Free text scroller requires no special training to update scroller text instantly 

Email now to find out how Nixplay Signage can help you to innovate your communications through this challenging time, and how we can have you up and running quickly.

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