Digital Signage Applications in Manufacturing Plants

Digital Signage Applications in Manufacturing Plants

In these uncertain times, it’s never been more crucial to keep communication lines open and clear. This is where digital signage can come handy. When placed strategically around the production floor, it can quickly and easily convey important information to everyone on the ground. This way, managers and supervisors would no longer need to gather employees for important announcements, which can disrupt the flow of operations, and would have more time to spend on the floor to focus on the production process.

Here are a few ways to utilize digital signage in factories and plants.

1. Production line metrics

Digital signage displays can be used to deliver up-to-date information on each step of the manufacturing process. It’s an easy way to stay on top of inventory, KPIs, quality control statistics, and deliverable targets, ensuring that the company is always on track to hit its goals.

2. Safety information

Safety first, always--especially in large production facilities with heavy equipment and complicated machinery. Accidents happen, but these instances can be considerably lessened by prominently broadcasting safety protocols around the floor. Use digital signage to display safety reminders, play videos about proper equipment usage, and show a tally of the number of days the plant has operated accident-free.

3. Health and hygiene reminders

Maintaining proper workplace hygiene is especially necessary in these times. Help employees observe effective health and safety measures by regularly posting reminders to wash hands, wear face masks, and observe social distancing measures. You can also use digital signage to relay important information about COVID-19 testing and health insurance policies.

4. Operations updates

With several companies operating at limited capacity, minimizing the risk of miscommunication is imperative. Keep your employees informed of operating hours, new safety procedures, and day-to-day announcements via smartly placed digital signage displays around the facility.


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