Which Digital Signage Solution is Right for You?

Which Digital Signage Solution is Right for You?

In this blog post, we go through the various options available to you for digital signage to help you evaluate which solution might be right for you!

The digital signage market is growing as more businesses are seeing the benefits of digital signage, compared to traditional, paper-based signage.

A wide variety of solutions are available in the market, each targeting different needs. Often the biggest losers in the market are Small and Medium-sized Businesses, often referred to as SMB’s.

This post answers the leading question for these businesses- which type of solution is best for you? This post will cover all in one digital signage, software only digital signage and hardware only digital signage.

All-in-one digital signage solutions (Integrated hardware and software solutions):

A recent development in the digital signage market is all-in-one digital signage solution. All-in-one digital signage solutions are essentially displays that have a built-in digital signage player and also have the software pre-installed.

Mark Palfreeman, CEO of Nixplay Digital Signage said, "While the traditional digital signage market has been helping businesses for many years, there has been a real lack of fully integrated, simple, easy to use and out of the box solutions. Some benefits of integrated digital signage solutions include- simple and easy setup without the need for capital intensive training, remote content management, seamless one-click delivery to multiple displays."

Users can simply purchase the all-in-one solution and can start using digital signage in their businesses with no additional hardware components required.

Given their ease of setup, use, and scaling, all-in-one digital signage solutions are particularly favored by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Since the hardware and software are both manufactured by the same manufacturer, users do not need to worry about any compatibility issues.

Costs you should be aware of include:

  • Subscription cost of digital signage software.
  • Cost of display screens.

A leading provider of all in one digital signage is Nixplay Signage.

Software-Only Solutions:

Software-only solutions focus only on creating the software required for digital signage. They typically work in conjunction with an Android-based smart TV or an Android-based box (such as Google Chromebox), which runs the digital signage software and an HDMI-enabled TV that displays the content.

Hence, the user has to go through the hassle of sourcing all the boxes and televisions by themselves which is time-consuming and can be costly and hard to scale. Additionally, compatibility issues are a recurring problem in these cases- as the software is often designed with only one hardware solution in mind.

It is always good to reach out to your signage solution provider to know more about their recommended devices. However, this decision may be an extremely capital intensive solution.

Costs include:

  • Subscription cost of digital signage software
  • Cost of the Android boxes
  • Cost of display screens

Digital Signage box:

Digital signage box is how digital signage was traditionally implemented. A digital signage box combines digital signage software and hardware. The digital signage software (normally created by the same company) is pre-installed in the digital signage box.

This digital signage box can be plugged into any screen to be used. The user just has to purchase a display screen and connect it to the box via an HDMI cable. Usually, one signage box only supports one display screen, however, there are some that support multiple displays.

With these solutions, it's not just the software but the hardware that also comes into play, so be sure to check the hardware specifications of the box. You should ensure that the box has adequate storage and processing power that can play your content with ease even when your device is not connected to WiFi.

Costs you should be aware of include:

  • Subscription cost of digital signage software
  • Cost of the digital signage box
  • Cost of display screens


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