5 Reasons Why No One Notices Your Digital Signage

5 Reasons Why No One Notices Your Digital Signage

If you’ve recently invested in digital signage, only to find that no one is paying any attention to it, you may find yourself understandably frustrated.

Upon closer inspection, we found that there are a few simple reasons why people don't notice digital signage. Below, we walk you through some of them.

1. Your Content Isn’t Very Engaging

You can buy the best paint and paintbrushes in the world, but if you can’t create a decent picture, then no one is going to realize the quality of the paint. The same logic applies to digital signage–you can invest in brilliant digital signs, but if your image or video content is poor and doesn’t engage your customers, then you’re not going to do very well.

At this point, it might be best to invest in a graphic designer, photographer, or film production team who can produce strong and attention-grabbing content for your digital signage.

2. It’s Not Situated in the Best Place

Due to practical constraints and space issues, you may find that you’re forced to display your digital signage in a location that isn’t ideal for catching people’s attention.

If your display is not situated in an area with a lot of foot traffic, you should consider moving it to a more prominent location.

3. You Need to Try Saying the Same Thing in a Different Way

Your content may be strong, but it might be conveying information to your customers in a vague and unclear way. In this case, you should conduct A/B testing to determine the most engaging method.

This lets you try different ways of advertising to see what actually works and what doesn’t.

4. Your Signs Aren’t Large Enough

When it comes to digital signage, bigger is sometimes better—especially when you’re trying to attract people’s attention.

We’re not saying that you should fill your establishment will wall-sized screens, but your smaller-sized digital signage might just not be imposing enough to attract the attention you’re trying to get.

5. Your Digital Signage is Low-Quality

By trying to save on digital signage by going with a subpar provider, you risk ending up with poor-quality, low-resolution screens that require frequent replacing.

By investing in Nixplay Signage's quality displays, you can be at ease knowing that your high-quality digital signage solution comes with a three-year warranty, as well as a dedicated customer service team ready to assist you should you encounter any issues.

Email us today to learn more. For international inquiries, contact us here.

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