Communicating With Your Church's Parishioners Using Digital Signage

Communicating With Your Church's Parishioners Using Digital Signage

More and more churches and houses of worship are beginning to see the advantages of installing digital signage to convey important information to their congregations.

Whether displaying prayers, hymn lyrics, or advertisements for local businesses, digital signage could be put to great use in houses of worship, encouraging increased turnout from parishioners and making your modernized church the talk of the town.

Improving Communication in Your Church with Digital Signage

In modern times, churches and places of worship are used for a variety of purposes, not just the ones they were intended for originally. These days, churches are also used for weddings, youth clubs, christenings, and other religious occasions. Audiovisual technology enables houses of worship to accommodate all these events and make them more accessible to the members of the congregation.

Communicating With Your Church's Parishioners Using Digital Signage

Rainer Stiehl, European VP of Marketing at Extron Electronics, recently spoke to AV Interactive about the use of digital signage technology in places of worship:

“Houses of worship of all sizes use AV technology to enhance their message and deliver it to the widest possible audience. A small church may only require simple audio support to ensure the pastor can be heard throughout the sanctuary. Larger facilities may require cameras and large displays, plus video distribution to send a live feed to overflow rooms. Other congregations employ web broadcasting to expand their reach so services can be viewed live or as archived content from the church website.”

Bringing Churches into the Modern Aage

Churches are often regarded as antiquated and stuck in past, with their imposing facades and traditional values. As churches and houses of worship continually struggle to attract young people, modern technological investments such as digital signage can boost participation and engagement.

Although it may not seem like much, investing in solutions such as digital signage show a commitment to modernization, showing the younger parishioners that their house of worship is making an effort to keep up with the digital age. Harnessing digital signage solutions can help make church services an overall more pleasant and engaging experience for everyone involved.

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